Cultural Best Business Practices

Seminars (On Site)

Non-native members of your workforce not only have to address language barriers but cultural barriers as well.  Additionally, American business professionals may be sent to overseas locations on behalf of the company to carry out important activities with minimal support.  Ensure that your organization is seen in a positive light by facilitating training led by our experienced and pragmatic team.   

Two Birds One Stone Learning:

A Boutique Language Training Experience

Greetings and welcome to our website.  If you have an interest in learning a language, believe that the face to face interaction approach works best for you, want to receive instruction from professional and culturally sensitive instructors and tutors, and have an appreciation for our team’s varied backgrounds, and as a language learner, will do what it takes to see your goal come to pass, then we are the service provider for you.

Private and Group Lessons

Columbus, Ohio's premier language training dispatch service provider for the purposes of language conversation, homework assistance, skills enhancement training, and test prep, we offer the best variety, at the most affordable prices, for private lessons and group classes in Dublin and Hilliard. There are no hidden fees or binding contracts. 

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In September 2017, Two Birds One Stone Learning earned the distinct certification of "Veteran-Owned Small Business". As a VOSB, TBOSL participates in Veterans First Contracting Program opportunities with the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Skills Enhanced Training

Supplemental training for language learners who are in need of increased fluency with customized and focused training with their Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing abilities of English.  Applies to all grade levels and ages.

Haze gray and underway-  Petty Officer Daniel Stone receives an award from Admiral Bernard Smith onboard the aircraft carrier, USS Independence (CV-62).  The Indy was forward deployed to Yokosuka, Japan, Stone's first home in Japan.  

​Solving Multiple Problems At One Time With A Single Action.

Our Mission:

Two Birds One Stone Learning, LLC 

Language Training Dispatcher in Columbus

Language Training in the Workplace (On Site)

There is only one chance to make the right first impression to your clientele.  Ensure that your non-native speakers are in line with your company’s culture by assisting them with an integrated learning plan on sight by learning etiquette and key phrases.

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Homework Assistance

For language learners grades Kindergarten thru 12th grade who need assistance with their homework. Services provided allow students the chance to complete work in half the time with the absence of mental stress or anxiety that can be experienced by language learners at American elementary schools.

Non-Corporate Training

Test Preparation

Standardize language examinations for admission to universities, private schools, and for business purposes determine aptitude to function at the post-secondary educational level, admission to top schools, promotion within an organization, worthiness of a bonus payment, and eligibility for overseas assignments.  

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New Arrival Orientation Training (On Site)

​With beginning language learners who are new to the US as the target, training touches on the topics of accessing services such as cable and other utilities, one’s role in their children’s education in the US, dealing with the law, transferring professional degrees and licenses plus much more.  

Corporate Training

Summer Seasonal Program

For youth, lessons will take a lighthearted approach to English with the students singing songs, having interactive activities, playing games, with some classroom work reinforcing the weekly learning objectives. During the summer break, parents can expect their children to retain the English learned at school throughout the school year.

Two Birds One Stone Learning, LLC is founded by Daniel J. Stone.  A native of South Carolina, Mr. Stone has a wealth of experience in education ranging from being an English as a Foreign Language Instructor in Japan, an English to Speakers of Other Languages instructor at the university level in Clemson, South Carolina, and founding director of an Intensive English Program in Columbus, Ohio before starting Two Birds One Stone Learning, LLC.  He is pictured providing instruction to a Japanese youth in Kawaguchi City, Saitama on the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET).  

​​Two Birds One Stone Learning, LLC, exists to guide newcomers in the US to the next level while ensuring their fulfillment in school, work, and life with customized private lessons, and convenient group lessons delivered at companies, organizations, and community centers throughout Columbus, Ohio.