About The Founder

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Service and Leadership

As the founding director at ODU, successes, and challenges happened on a daily basis.  In establishing the Standard
Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other necessary groundwork that was being carried out until the school closed, the following is highlighted:   

The school passed a very critical accreditation under Stone's direction justifying the IEP's existence on the campus of ODU.  To understand the degree of difficulty that this process was, the IEP at Clemson didn't pass its initial accreditation after Stone had already departed.  

Stone created a business unit that ultimately became a head-to-head competitor with The Ohio State University's American Language Program.  Never at any time in ODU's rich 100+ year history had the small private Catholic school on Sunbury Road in the rough and tumble East Columbus ever been in the same category as one of the largest public institutions in the US as head-to-head competitors. 

 Stone architected the expansion of the IEP to the ODU adult education building just off campus on Airport Road due to the popularity and success of the school that he managed. 

How successful was it?  The IEP was generating approximately $2 million annually on the campus of ODU.  This calculation is based on the language student's tuition. However, the indirect revenue generated on the campus of ODU such as percentage payouts per the contract, fees for the dorms, meal plans, etc. are not included.

To realize the magnitude of this feat, this was happening at a time when Ohio Dominican University was $40 Million in debt!  

After four distinguished years at ODU as a director and graduate student, Stone graduated from ODU in May 2014 with a degree in Masters of Business Administration.

In June 2013, Stone wrote a marketing plan as part of his MBA which eventually became a full-fledged business plan.  In November 2014, less than 18 months after putting his vision in writing, Two Birds One Stone Learning, LLC became a reality.

In March 2014, Stone served as special consultant to a supplier to Honda by providing his unbiased account of Japanese engineering student's training at an area English school. 

In January 2016, while Stone's former work site, Clemson University was competing for the football national championship, Two Birds One Stone Learning had grown to double the enrollment of Clemson's enrollment when the school operated on the Clemson campus.  

In the Spring of 2017, both language schools ran by ELS Educational services on the campuses of Clemson and Ohio Dominican University were closed.  Adding value to both institutions, in particular to ODU and their serious debt problem remains to be seen.    


Stone and his family have a home in Northwest Columbus.  While Stone is the "One Stone" of Two Birds One Stone Learning, the "Two Birds" are his wife, Mayuko and daughter, Madeline Ayako.  

When Stone isn't busy with Two Birds One Stone Learning, LLC, he spends time serving at Columbus-area career centers as a certified English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) instructor for newly arrived immigrants and refugees.  From 2014 to 2017, Stone served as the Vice President representing the Ohio region for the Great Lakes Chapter of the JET Alumni Association.  He continues to support the local chapter when his busy schedule allows by mentoring new teachers bound to Japan with training sessions and mentoring and helping newly returned participants readjust to life in the US.  

In the Summer of 2017, TBOSL officially began publishing material for Business English teachers, tutors, and students.  

In the Fall of 2017, Two Birds One Stone Learning was certified as a Veteran Owned Small Business.  As a VOSB, TBOSL will be considered for teaching, training, and publishing opportunities made available by the Department of Veteran Affairs.  

The Growth

It was two long years since completing the JET Program before Stone received a classroom of his own.  At Clemson University, one of the premier institutions of the Palmetto State, Stone was one of the founding instructors for a program that prepared graduate students that spoke English as a second language for the rigors of Clemson graduate and doctorial programs.  Stone became the new Intensive English Program's (IEP) "go-to guy" not only with the other teachers and admin staff but as well as with the students.  Stone's strong belief system that promotes teamwork got the attention of senior management and after a year of teaching at Clemson, Stone was promoted to Director of the new IEP on the campus of Ohio Dominican University (ODU) in Columbus, OH.  

The Passion

Stone took his passion and interest of Japan to the next level as a participant on the prestigious Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program.  As an Assistant English Teacher, Stone developed and perfected the skills necessary to become an effective English as a Foreign Language instructor at junior high and elementary schools under the tutelage of Japanese Teachers of English in Kawaguchi City, Saitama.  After three-years of team teaching, Stone was able to experience several different teaching styles allowing him to take parts of the best teachers to make his own.

The Beginnings


Daniel was born in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and spent his childhood in the Upstate of South Carolina.  After lettering three years on the Riverside High School football squad, he served in the United States Navy for two tours of duty to the Persian Gulf in the 1990s.  One of those tours was on an aircraft carrier, Independence, based out of Japan.  After receiving his Honorable Discharge, Stone used the Montgomery GI Bill to earn an undergraduate degree from California State University, Dominguez Hills in the suburbs of Los Angeles.  Before graduating, Stone was working for an area Japanese food distributor as the account manager of the company's largest account, Costco Wholesale.  He started new business with several Southern California US Marine Corps Bases with the sale of the Okinawan Beer, Orion.