You broadened my knowledge of the Japanese culture and business cycles.  I am most thankful to you for sharing.  

Linda C., Dublin, OH (Director of Sales of an extended stay hotel)

"I asked Daniel to help my Spanish speaking employees learn basic English to enhance communication with my English speaking managers. Unfortunately layoffs forced me to cancel the sessions, but the overall feedback was very positive."

Brian B., Columbus, OH (Former client and director of a metal and alloys company)

You (Two Birds One Stone Learning) has been great and accommodating. Thank you and I will contact you in the future if we need your services.

Brett M., Columbus, OH (Former client and general manager of an upscale Brazilian eatery.)

The new tutor is very good.  She is very polite and because of this, I can easily learn from her.  I like her teaching.  Thanks Daniel!!

K. Ishiyama, Aichi Prefecture, Japan (Current client and engineer for a supplier to Toyota, Honda, and Nissan who temporarily resides in Dublin, OH.  

Would you like for your organization to be a part of this growing list?  Since 2012, former and current stakeholders have been members of the following entities:

American Mitsuba Corporation

Dublin City Schools

Fujitsu Ten Corporation

Global Arena

Goken America

G-Tekt North America Corporation

The City of Hilliard Parks and Recreation

Honda Manufacturing of Ohio

Japan-America Society of Central Ohio

​Japan Exchange and Teaching Alumni Association, Great Lakes Chapter

Keihin North America

Moriroku America

Nationwide Hospital

Nifco America

Ohio Dominican University

Ohio State University-  Columbus Campus

Panasonic Corporation

Sumitomo Electric Wiring

Texas De Brazil, Easton Towncenter

Toagosei America

United Alloys & Metals, Joyce Ave. location

The classes of ESOL helped me a lot, and your advice about continue my English studies. I want to apply for a specialized Certification at the local community college.  In doing so, I took the ESL placement test and my score was high.  Thank you for your guidance!  

Claudia, Mexico City, Mexico 

Daniel was a dedicated Center Director that went above and beyond in his duties. He was open to implementing the new ideas and processes of his employees. Daniel did not micro-manage and encouraged all to be independent and creative in our work, time-management, etc.

Gary Nickrand, Former co-worker at Ohio Dominican University's English Language Training Program

"My husband was able to pick up some words when we went to the hospital. Thank you for helping him to improve his English skill."

​M. Kawasaki, Japan (Spouse of automotive engineer and former student of our test prep program who temporarily resides with her family in Dublin, OH).  

You made me motivated  to learn  English!

C. Yamazaki, Japan (TOEIC Test Prep student and spouse of automotive engineer).    

Mr,Stone, I really appreciate your guidance while living in Columbus. 

S. Akatsuyama, Yokohama, Japan (Former student and spouse of an engineer for a supplier to Honda who temporarily resides with her family in Dublin, OH.  

Daniel's drive and determination to meet the needs of the students and staff is a quality that is rare to find in a coworker and creates a desirable work environment. 

Jayson Gilbert, JET Alum and former co-worker at Clemson University's English Program for Graduate Students

Daniel, Thank you for thinking of my children's lesson.  When the teacher is you, I am not worried at all. 

C. Koki, Sendai, Japan (Current client and engineer for a supplier to Honda who temporarily resides with his family in Dublin, OH.)  

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Here's what some of our current and former students have said about us so far-